Online Casino Rules; Niubbo Vademecum

September 1, 2016 0 By Spencer

Too often we talk about the online game going to see all that is inside are these games of cards or arcade or who knows what kind of type of game that we like and that attracted us, like a metaphorical magnet, towards the site that best of all seems to be able to meet our needs and our needs.

However, too often the computer incapacity, the little experience in the field or the fear of being wrong leads the user, who will call with a small Anglo-Italian “noob” distortion , not to do something or to avoid a certain type of game do not risk doing something that could compromise it forever.

We start from a very important assumption. We have all been noobs once in a lifetime “on the web” . Even the greatest computer expert, at the time of his first contact on the web, was a noob and faced the internet as a newborn in infants faces the world. Touch everything, try everything and risk everything just because, for him, this feeling does not exist. Everything is naively sure, like in a muffled world created ad hoc.

We must admit that online casinos are a safe island, at least on the largest and most important platforms. Do not be alarmed if, upon entering an online casino site, you will immediately see a banner , “Windows Error” style that informs you that you can download the software to start playing.
Once these messages led to the download of a dealer of any kind that disengaged us from our line to take us to the casino. Today it’s not like that anymore. Everything is free, unless you specify otherwise , and you can download on your PC without risk the software that will allow you to enter the online casino.

The download times may vary depending on the casino, but especially depending on the internet connection that our user “noob” has. Usually, in order to play smoothly on this kind of platforms, a normal ADSL connection is required (a fiber-optic network or a 20-mb ADSL is not essential), which will allow you to play “fluid” the game you prefer. This is the only limiting factor, unless you own a PC from the last century (and do not say joking I mean from 2000 backwards). If you have it, I recommend first of all to buy a new one, if you have the possibility, or in this case to check that the minimum requirements respect your performance.

Once this phase is over, all you have to do is install the program downloaded on your PC and follow the instructions that you receive, accepting where necessary (of course you can always read the conditions of use).
After all the access to the casino will no longer be necessary to go from the website, just double click on the downloaded software to play in your online casino. A simple double click to try your luck and hope to make the winning of your life.