Online Casino Rules; Deposit and Withdrawal Credits

August 3, 2016 0 By Spencer

When we decide to go into an online casino the first thing we are asked is if, after having naturally downloaded the software that will allow us to connect to the relative casino, we intend to open a virtual money account or open an account real money , or where we go to deposit our real money and play with those hoping to be able to recover a nice nest egg.

Always pay attention when opening an account. You can even start opening a “free” account, which is used only for fun and where you do not put your money into play , but you have to pay special attention to your possible transfer to a real money account, maybe after doing a bit of practice on the games and after understanding the game modes and any winning strategies.
Some casinos allow you to open two separate accounts, but most of these instead, through a particular passage, allows you to turn your account of “free fun” into a real money account. The transition usually involves the loss of all previously acquired credits, unless otherwise specified .
Once passed to a real account, there is hardly a chance to go back. The rules may be different from casino to casino and, for any specific question or question, always ask the service administrators before making any dubious questions. You can risk losing your money playing, certainly not because you did not want to ask a question more to those who know, do not you find?
Let’s leave aside the part for free fun, also because there would be more to say, to actually go to that with real money. On your first deposit you may be able to earn a welcome bonus depending on the payment made by you and the type of the same. Currently all online casinos allow deposits through some important online banking sites, or through credit cards.
As for the type of credit cards you should not be scared. In fact, if you do not want to put online Credit Card data that draws directly from your bank account you can always use a pre-paid card such as a Poste-Pay which, thanks to the VISA-Electron circuit, allows you to make online transactions in a very simple and fast way.
The deposits will be indicated with the words in Euro and will be easily managed in the deposit window within the software offered by the casino.
The withdrawal of the money earned is substantially the same way. Just indicate the card or the account on which to make the transfer and you will find, within 3 or 5 days, the amount earned. In this case the problem does not lie in the movement of money, but rather on the possibility of effective money recovery . In fact, many casinos use a minimum income allowance to “download” the winnings, so before performing any operation always pay attention to the conditions of deposit and collection.