Online Card Games; Casinowar

July 17, 2016 0 By Spencer

From the title I already know that your face will be slightly contracted, close to the position of the eyes, to understand what the game is going to talk about today. In reality, the name may seem unfamiliar, perhaps difficult to understand or even worse difficult to play. None of the above statements will be true at the end of this article because I think each of us has played CasinoWar at least once in their lifetime.

The fact is that in Italy it is not called that. Or rather CasinoWar is a modification of an Anglo-Saxon game that incorporates our most typical Ace Pigliatutto . Now does it seem a little more normal You may wonder how it is possible that they created an Ace Pigliatutto money, well with a little ‘imagination, and a little’ patience continuing reading, we will discover how to play.
As in the game of Asso Pigliatutto you play card against card. The game takes place between the user and the dealer. The dealer gives a card to the player and a card to the virtual bank , whoever has the highest card wins or in case of equal scores the result will be a draw. Simple as a game, no
The episodes can vary in their sum, in fact we can bet more or less depending on the possibilities or the feelings that our pc sends us in every moment, while instead we have different types of bet, to be precise 3 . Their names are Ante, Relaunch and Tie. Let’s see them more specifically in order to better understand how to play CasinoWar.
The Ante bet is the most classic of bets. Basically you bet, before the delivery of your card, that your card will be higher, in value, the bank card. If, compared to the cards, your card will be higher than that of the dealer, the suit is independent, we will win our bet, in case the dealer is higher we will lose our money bet.
In the Ante case it could also happen that you are in a balanced situation. In this case we enter the War, in the war . At this point the player can choose to increase his stake with a raise and continue to play, or leave the field and take home half of the money he wagered. Once the new betting phase is over, the game is resumed with the cards, as both the dealer and the player will receive one and they will again compare their value. Continue until you have a winner.
The last type of bet is the Tie , or the draw. This bet can be played as an alternative to the Ante bet and, if you decide to play it, you bet on the possible balance of the card values ??between player and dealer.
The score of the cards is that of poker , ie the cards range from 2 to 10 with their nominal value, and then the figures (J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13). The highest card of the deck, Ace, is worth 14, hence the resemblance to the Italian game of Asso Pigliatutto.