Online Betting Games; Derby Day

June 12, 2016 0 By Spencer

Thinking about online casinos you always think about table games such as card games, or dice games or why not even games like roulette where you can feel your heart beat with a ball inside a cylinder so that this falls into the little box we so hoped for at that moment. Yet it is not just these “green carpets” that dominate the scenes of online casinos.

Precisely exploiting this sense of virtuality, the casino platforms also offer a game called Derby Day that as you can understand the name, always concerns a green carpet, but this time it is a green mantle, albeit virtual, which will be a scenario for a horse race, virtual course, on which you can bet.
Of course the purists of the wagering horse race may be skeptical about this type of game because, as realistic as it may be, this race is and remains a virtual race, decided by the computer but also by the “random” ability of the jockeys or by the performances horse. Obviously the difference between reality and virtual is, but much less than we can think because the programmers have not skimped on the characteristics, even minimal, so that even the purists can be encouraged to play at Derby Day.
The names of the horses and jockeys are defined in the presentation of the race, of which meteorological and weather conditions are given. For each horse-man couple it is possible to view a card containing all the data of the horse, from the weight to the name up to the ability to ride on certain types of routes. In addition to this it is also presented a race history, always individually for each horse, so that nothing can be left to chance by the bettor.
Obviously you can make your bet before the start of the race , after which you just have to stand in front of the screen and watch. Watch the horses whiz one next to another, up to the finish line where the sports results will allow us to rejoice or cry.
As in all the other online casino games, there are different types of bets that can be made:
Winner (Winner): As the word says if you bet on a Winner horse, you win in case this wins the race.
Exact (Exacta): This bet consists of guessing who arrives first and second. If you guess the couple you win.
Placed (Place): If you place a bet you win if the selected horse arrives first or second.
Podium (Show): You win Show if the pointed horse arrives first, second or third.
IV-V Catch (Pick IV – V): Consists of guessing the first 4 or the first 5 horses in the exact order of arrival.
As you can understand playing Derby Day is very simple . With a bit of luck and some knowledge of horses you will have fun, but above all to win.